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Finally The new Gallery is here!!!!
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Author:  Hellblazer [ Thu Apr 21, 2011 11:07 pm ]
Post subject:  Finally The new Gallery is here!!!!

Well, it's finally here. After weeks of working with it, testing it, customizing it with the help of the coppermine development team, and fixing a few bugs. The Iluvatar's grace Gallery is now open for business.

As users of this forum, you only have to log in to the forum to be automatically logged in the Gallery at the same time. Logging out of the forum will log you out of the Gallery. Using the Gallery's login/logout options will bring you to the forum login/logout options. When a new user registers to the forum, he or she, will be automatically registered to the Gallery also.

The gallery supports the following file formats:
picture: jpeg, jpg, png and gif.
Video: asf, asx, mpg, mpeg, wmv, swf, avi and mov.
Audio: mp3, midi, mid, wma, wav, ogg.
And last but none the least document: doc, txt, rtf, pdf, xls, pps, ppt, zip, gz, mdb.

There is two home options to come back to the Forum. The main one is simply to click on the banner from anywhere in the Gallery. The second is to mouse over the home (house) icon and select home in the option bar that appears. Clicking on the home icon will bring you back tot he Gallery home page.

Create as many albums as you wish, up load up to ten files at once!

I hope you enjoy, and make good use of it. Time to have your print-screen finger ready!

Check it out now! Don't wait! Just one click away on the forum menu!

The Team.

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