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 Post subject: Lotro Fellowships maneuvres
 Post Posted: Thu Dec 30, 2010 8:53 pm 
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A Fellowship Maneuver (previously also known as a Conjunction) is a powerful coordinated group attack. Depending on the combination of the maneuver skills selected by individual group memebers, a Fellowship Maneuver can cause massive meelee or DoT damage, restore fellowship's health or power, or all of the above.

When anyone triggers a Fellowship Maneuver, a Fellowship Skill Wheel appears on each fellowship member's screen asking them to choose how to contribute to the Fellowship Maneuver:
Fellowship Maneuver Wheel


If you have targeted the wrong target when a conjunction starts, you'll see the assist button (bullseye) instead of the Skill Wheel. Pressing the assist button will re-target you on the correct mob and will bring up the Skill Wheel. The Skill Wheel will also come up if you cycle to the vulnerable target using the tab key.

Fellowship Maneuvers may occur randomly in any group encounter with a signature or higher enemy, and are announced by the message "X has broken the defences of Y". Burglars, Guardians and Captains also have special skills that can initiate Fellowship Maneuvers, while Hunters have traps and Lore-masters have pets that can trigger a Fellowship Maneuver. Note that only players at level 12 or above will be able to participate in a Fellowship Maneuver.

You can find more information about your available fellowship skills and the Fellowship Maneuvers you have been a part of in the Fellowship Skills Journal portion of the Character UI.
Individual Fellowship Skills
Skill Name Effect
Image Ent's Strength Ent's Strength is a simple, powerful melee attack. As it increases in power, it does more damage. At the 6th tier of power it becomes an AOE attack with a radius of 10 meters.
Image Stallion's Spirit Stallion's Spirit starts off as a simple, self-power heal. At the 2nd tier of power it becomes an AOE power heal. At the 5th tier of power it will also summon the shade of a fallen warrior to aid you in battle for a short time, and at the 6th tier of power it will summon an even more powerful shade to aid you.
Image Spider's Guile Spider's Guile is a combination of a melee attack and a powerful damage over time effect. At the 5th and 6th power tiers the skill also applies a 15-second countdown effect that will damage the target's power and slow the target's attack and movement speed when the countdown is complete.
Eagle's Cry Eagle's Cry starts off as a simple self-morale heal. At the 2nd tier of power it becomes an AOE morale heal over time effect. At the 5th tier of power it also cures fear effects, and at the 6th tier it cures fear and wound effects.

Selecting the maneuver is like any other combat action of your character. This means that you must face the target in order to be able to select your skill. In general, blue and green skills can be used from a distance, while red and yellow require you to be in melee range. However, there are exceptions for some classes: for example, the hunter can use red and yellow from a distance. If your red or yellow icons do not look like the ones in the Skill Wheel above, but have an arrow through them instead, you can use those skills ranged.

Selecting a fellowship skill on the Wheel does not interrupt any ongoing skill induction (casting) timers. Instead your color will not get into the Fellowship Maneuver queue until your current skill or auto-attack is completed, and any associated animations have played out.

Once you select your skill (color), your contribution will appear in the first empty slot in the maneuver queue. Your character will freeze in a maneuver stance, and a color indicator icon will appear above your head. Your character will stop its auto-attacks, and will not be able to use any skills until the maneuver is completed. If you try to move your character, your color will be canceled. You will still be able to participate in the combo if there is any time left, but any color you now select will be added to the next empty slot in the queue (at its end), not to your original position.

Certain combinations of individual players' skills (colors) such as pairs, flushes, or straights will increase the skills' strength (tier of power). The damage dealt by red and yellow skills remains associated with the player who selected those colors, and can be tracked in their individual combat logs. Successful combos simply strengthen the individual players' skills' strength. On the other hand, green and blue maneuvers gain an AoE effect practically in all combos, and therefore benefit every member of the fellowship. The more people participate in a named maneuver combination, the higher the potential tier of each player's individual fellowship skill. For a list of known fellowship maneuver combos, see Combinations section below.
Skills that Start Conjunctions
Ability Class Level Description
Exploit Opening Burglar 12 Stuns the target, creating opportunity for FM.
Trip Burglar 28 You can knock an enemy down, opening up an opportunity to use Fellowship. Trip can only be used while in Stealth.
Exposed Throat Burglar 39 After using your Double-edged Strike, you spy an opening and seize it doing high damage and having a chance of knocking your opposition into a conjunction state. Exposed Throat is a legendary trait obtained from The Expert's Guide to Dirty Fighting.
Bags of Marbles Burglar 30 Knocks your target down, creating a chance of knocking your opposition into a conjunction state. Requires the passive skill of Clever Devices and any Bags of Marbles craftable items: small, medium, or large.
Turn The Tables Guardian 36 You are able to knock down a target in response to being knocked down.
To The King Guardian 45 You are able to make a powerful attack against an enemy who has suffered from Overwhelm or Thrust, potentially knocking it down.
Fray the Edge Guardian 40 Your threatening taunts and feints are causing your target to slowly unravel. This skill increases the chance a randomly triggered Fellow Maneuver will start on any attack.
Kick Captain 44 With 4 traits in the Leader of Men trait set, kick has a 10% chance to initiate a Fellowship Maneuver.
Tripwires Hunter 35 Tripwire trap will knock opponents down and have a chance of triggering Fellowship Maneuvers. They exist in three versions: basic, improved, and inescapable.

Keep in mind that most Fellowship Maneuver-Starter abilities stun or knock down your target. Therefore, targets that have a temporary stun immunity for any reason (e.g. comming out of any classes' mez effect or a stun from a mace or hammer attack) will be immune to any attempt to start a fellowship maneuver while the temporary state immunity buff lasts (usually 10 seconds).

After every conjunction attempt, whether it leads to a named combo or not, the target will also receive a one minute temporary immunity buff from coordinated attacks, indicated by a red shield buff icon. A new conjunction can not be started on the target until this immunity wears off.

The following are the different conjunction combinations that can be used to increase the strength (level) of individual maneuvers. To be executed correctly, the conjunction must use the specified colors in the specific order they are listed.

Note: Pairs and Straight Fellowship Maneuvers can be executed in either direction. For example, RGY and YGR both accomplish Wrath of the Righteous.

Combo Name Type First Attack Second Attack Third Attack Fourth Attack Fifth Attack Sixth Attack
Two Person
Clash of Arms Flush Red Red
Misdirection Flush Yellow Yellow
Planned Attack Flush Blue Blue
Rallying Cry Flush Green Green
Three Person
Resounding Strikes Flush Red Red Red
Deception Flush Yellow Yellow Yellow
Three Pronged Assault Flush Blue Blue Blue
Mustering of the Troops Flush Green Green Green
Wrath of the Righteous Straight Red Green Yellow
Strength of the Pure Straight Blue Red Green
Sinister Plan Straight Yellow Blue Red
Will of the Strong Straight Green Yellow Blue
Four Person
Hail of Blows Flush Red Red Red Red
Chaos in the Ranks Flush Yellow Yellow Yellow Yellow
Power in Numbers Flush Blue Blue Blue Blue
Call to Arms Flush Green Green Green Green
Ent's Stand Straight Red Green Yellow Blue
Noble's Honour Straight Blue Red Green Yellow
Silent Paths Straight Yellow Blue Red Green
Eagle's Eyrie Striaght Green Yellow Blue Red
Pounding Echos Pairs Red Red Yellow Yellow
Planned Charge Pairs Red Red Blue Blue
Ent's Heart Pairs Red Red Green Green
Deadly Whispers Pairs Yellow Yellow Blue Blue
Silent Glory Pairs Yellow Yellow Green Green
Noble Lineage Pairs Blue Blue Green Green
Five Person
Entish Justice Straight Red Green Yellow Blue Red
Wrath of the Oathbreakers Straight Blue Red Green Yellow Blue
Leaves of Lothlorien Straight Yellow Blue Red Green Yellow
Valour Unashamed Straight Green Yellow Blue Red Green
Ent's Rage Full House Red Red Red Yellow Yellow
Whispering Leaves Full House Yellow Yellow Yellow Red Red
Noble Blood Full House Blue Blue Blue Green Green
Pure of Heart Full House Green Green Green Blue Blue
Six Person
Thunder of the Oakenshield Straight Red Green Yellow Blue Red Green
Wings of the Windlord Straight Blue Red Green Yellow Blue Red
Dawn on the Deep Straight Yellow Blue Red Green Yellow Blue
Whispers Under the Mountain Straight Green Yellow Blue Red Green Yellow
Break the Door Unique Red Red Red Red Red Yellow
Hew the Stone Unique Red Red Red Red Red Blue
Roll of Drum Unique Red Red Red Red Red Green
Tramp of Doom Unique Red Red Red Yellow Yellow Yellow
March of the Ents Unique Green Red Red Red Red Blue
Chill of Bone Unique Green Yellow Yellow Yellow Yellow Blue
Breath of Freedom Unique Blue Red Yellow Yellow Red Blue
Hope of Men Unique Green Yellow Red Red Yellow Green
Types of Conjunctions

The simplest conjunctions are Flushes. All fellowship members must select the same colour. Flushes are available in 2, 3 and 4 person maneuvers, and simply increase the tier of each member's skill.

Slightly more complex are Pairs, or Full House combos, available in 4 and 5 person maneuvers respectively. To complete these combos successfully, it is usually a good idea to agree up front which members of the fellowship will select the leading colors, and which members will wait for the first pair (or tripplet) and only then select the second color.

Note that Pairs combos do not depend on the order of the pairs: forexample, Deadly Whispers can be done both as Yellow, Yellow, Blue, Blue and as Blue, Blue, Yellow, Yellow.

Maneuvers that require the most coordination are Straights. These combos start at a certain color and then proceed around the wheel. Straights are available in 3,4,5 and 6 person combinations. In order to succesfully coordinate a straight combo, both the color and the position in the maneuver needs to be agreed up front for each member of the group. Most straights will provide power and morale heals to the entire group as well as damaging the opponent. In five and six person straights, the colors appearing twice will also provide the unique tier 5 and tier 6 effects described in the Individual Fellowship Skills section above.

Note that Straights combos can be done either starting from the beginning going clockwise, or starting from the end going counter-clockwise. Therefore, Wrath of the Righteous can be done either as Red, Green, Yellow or Yellow, Green, Red.

Note also that hunter's Skill Wheel is different from all the others, therefore when selecting the order of participants, use the Skill Wheel above rather then the Hunter Wheel.

Unique combinations provide some of the most powerful combinations of tier 5 and tier 6 fellowship skills in the game, but are also the least reliable of all combos. While an incomplete pairs or straight type combo still gives the fellowship the benefit of a shorter named Maneuver as long as the first few colors are entered in the correct order, an incomplete unique combination usually result in no named combination.

Unique combinations must be repeated exactly as shown, reversing the order or using the same patterns with different colors usually does not result in a named combo.


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 Post subject: Re: Lotro Fellowships maneuvres
 Post Posted: Mon Apr 18, 2011 9:27 am 
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Drego get's racial and banner bonuses for the yellow Spider's Guile maneuvers, so he generally tries to pick yellow as much as possible. We should be able to coordinate powerful straights if we all agree to a maneuver at the start of the group and assign a color and order to each member.

Is it possible to macro an alert to an ability? That way I can let everyone in the fellowship know when I'm initiating a maneuver.

 Post subject: Re: Lotro Fellowships maneuvres
 Post Posted: Mon Apr 18, 2011 5:45 pm 
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You usually get an archery target with arrows circling it that you can click on to initiate the fellowship maneuver.


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 Post subject: Re: Lotro Fellowships maneuvres
 Post Posted: Tue Apr 19, 2011 7:28 am 
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To better explain, the target icon to which Hellblazer refers shows up when you're targeting a different foe than the one that a fellowship manuever has been initiated against. You click on that target icon to switch your target to the apprpriate foe, and then are allowed to sellect which type of manuever to have your own character execute as part of the fellowship manuever.

Other than communicating prior to initiating a fellowship manuever via voice-chat (if everyone's using it) or text chat, there is no way to let other members of your fellowship know which manuevers you'd like the fellowship to attempt together. So, it's best to remember the 5 P's, "Prior Planning Prevents Poor Performance."



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